Wedding Cake Strain Information & Reviews

Wedding Cake is a delicious exotic cannabis strain that’s as tasty as it is intoxicating. The indica-dominant hybrid offers a sweet and fruity aroma and packs an average of 22-28% THC. Consumers report an extended calm rolls over them after a few puffs of the tasty flowers. 

A Memorable Reception 

The potent bud results from joining Cherry Pie and GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) into the exotic realm of premium recreational cannabis. Both parents have an enjoyable lineage. Cherry Pie is the offspring of everyone’s favorite indica-dominant flower, Grand Daddy Purple, and the equally intoxicating Durban Poison. GSC needs little introduction. The popular bud is a hybrid of OG Kush and Durban Poison. 

Appearance, Taste, & Aroma

Wedding Cake Strain has large, round, dense flowers that come in an array of greens with tight curling leaves and light orange pistils threaded throughout the beautiful nug. A quick touch of fresh Wedding Cake buds leaves will leave your fingers sticky from the thick concentration of trichomes filled with nature’s phytocannabinoid-rich blend of phytocannabinoids terpenes, flavonoids, and vital nutrients. 

Before lighting up these flowers, inhale the fragrance. It offers a fruity aroma with sweet undertones. The potent nugs produce a sweet taste with a creamy vanilla aftertaste. Keep in mind the appearance, taste, and aroma might vary between phenotypes. What doesn’t change is the effect!

Why Buy Wedding Cake?

Enjoy the sweet cookie taste of the Wedding Cake Strain in the evening. The strictly nighttime bud provides an uplifting buzz that will boost your creativity and relax your body from head to toe in a matter of minutes. No matter how high your stress levels are as you’re rolling the perfect joint or packing your bubbler, the potent flowers will wipe it all away and leave you brimming from ear to ear as you puff away. 

If you hit these buds lightly, you’ll keep some energy and add a bit of hyper-focus to go along with the increase in creativity. Masterpieces are possible in the first hour with Wedding Cake. However, if you take a few too many puffs, you’ll be regulated to your couch for the duration. 

Medical patients report the delicious flowers to help drain away their chronic pain. These conditions consumers use it for include fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis, and relief from chemotherapy side effects. So, as you may guess, it’s a very potent bud! Additionally, people with depression agree it’s ideal for boosting their mood with its fast-acting euphoria and stress-relieving properties. 

Don’t stray too far from the kitchen or fast food location. Wedding Cake is notorious for boosting appetite as much as happiness. However, if nausea is a problem, the premium nug might offer both relief and an increase in your appetite so you can get the necessary nutrients. 

FAQ: Wedding Cake Strain

Is Wedding Cake Good for New Users?

Wedding Cake might be a bit too strong for anyone new to recreational cannabis. Even returning users may find the bud more potent than expected. However, if you take a few too many puffs of the indica-dominant strain, it’s okay. You can take a warm shower and sleep off an overwhelming buzz. 

Can I Bake with the Wedding Cake Strain?

Yes! Wedding Cake is an excellent flower to use when making homemade edibles. Just keep an eye on the potency. You could easily make a two-bite brownie that could put the most experienced consumers on their behind for the entire duration of the high.

Best Activities for Wedding Cake

A good reason to choose these flowers? They won’t put you on the couch for the night. So, these offer a few activities that don’t include your blanket and pillow, such as watching movies, hanging out with friends, and even going to the theater to catch a film in person. However, too many puffs of Wedding Cake could leave you sleeping before the final credits. Make sure to grab the snacks before you sit down. After the first hour, you’ll be locked into the movie. 

What are Similar Strains to Try?

If you love Wedding Cake, there are a few other nugs to add to your next delivery. These flowers include, 

  • Cookie Monster
  • Sour Kush
  • Grape Ape
  • OG Kush

Add the Wedding Cake Strain to your delivery this week! The exotic flower is perfect for a few puffs after work. Relax with the potent buds after a long day or take a few hits before bed to help you slide into the dream world. 

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