Top 10 Cannabis Strains in California

California’s cannabis industry is booming. Embracing the medicinal and recreational marijuana age upon us, means we get to enjoy the perks of new innovative strains we may not have had otherwise. We are all about catering to our customers as we believe they deserve the best that is on the market today. We did a deep dive and found the top 10 cannabis strains in California. Lucky for you- we still have them in stock! Top 10 Cannabis Strains in California Ice Cream Cake Los_exotics_ice_cream_cake Ice Cream Cake $55.00 Ice Cream Cake, similar to the frozen dessert, has a smooth and creamy taste. If you have a sweet tooth, ice cream cake is for you. Sit back and allow the sedating effects and vanilla sugar palate take you on a sleepy yet euphoric trip. 1. Ice Cream Cake Banana OG Calikush Co. Banana OG Banana OG $40.00 If you are looking for a carefree time, the exotic Banana OG will strip your stress away. Banana OG is a greenhouse-grown hybrid strain that burns smooth. It’s sweet and fruity flavors will bring your senses pure happiness. As you melt all your troubles away, this strain will surely become one of your favorites. 2. Banana OG White Runtz Order White Runtz Weed Delivery online White Runtz $55.00 Are you looking for total body and mind relaxation? If so, White Runtz is for you. The frosty buds and sweet candy-like aroma of this flower will keep you entertained for hours, calming all of your aches and pains. 3. White Runtz Wedding Cake Wedding Cake $50.00 Have you enjoyed Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie in the past? If so, you will love those combinations in Wedding Cake (also known as Pink Cookies). Wedding Cake has a remarkably sweet aroma and fruity flavor. This indica hybrid strain will leave you feeling euphoric and happy with a satisfying level of relaxation. 4. Wedding Cake Gelato Sundae Gelato Sundae $55.00 If you are looking for a top-quality flower, Los Exotics has you covered. Gelato Sundae delivers the ultimate sweet and giggly hybrid flower. As you enjoy the earthy and fruity flavors, the hard-hitting effects rapidly make their way through your body settling in for a long-lasting elation. Gelato Sundae Gelato LA Weeds Gelato Gelato $50.00 Are you looking for the ideal hybrid strain for a relaxing night tonight? If you choose Gelato, get ready to transcend to another reality of focused euphoria. The earthy berries will keep you satiated on your climb to ascendance and your creative juices will be swirling as you enjoy the citrus aroma and floral flavor. Gelato Blue Dream LA Weeds Blue Dream Blue Dream $45.00 Blue Dream is a sweet citrus and intoxicating diesel combination. This notable sativa provides a relaxing high that begs for more. You will know why others take more than a few tokes once you have your first whiff of the engulfing berry scent. Blue Dream Do-Si-Dos Do-Si-Dos $55.00 Looking for a heavy in-your-face buzz that trickles down your body? Do-Si-Dos has a sweet, yet earthy essence that will nuzzle your senses with hints of pine. Do-Si-Dos will melt you from head to toe, leaving your evening in complete euphoric relaxation. Do-Si-Dos Biscotti Cali Kush Co. Biscotti Biscotti $40.00 If you love a sweet diesel, Biscotti is for you. This exotic, greenhouse grown hybrid will instantly lift your mood. Biscotti is the ideal hybrid for any time of the day. After only a few hits, you’ll be swept into pure joy. Biscotti Raspberry Gelato Raspberry Gelato $55.00 If indica strain is your preferred flower, Raspberry Gelato will cover you in a raspberry and cream aroma shower. This heavily scented earthy strain may leave new consumers near a couch-lock state. However, several users find Raspberry Gelato to be the perfect accompaniment to a night in with friends playing music, creating art, and having deep conversations. Raspberry Gelato Interested in learning more about our strains? Check out our other articles:

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